Sanisoft Mini Kol-kort

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Sanisoft Mini Kol-kort - 3537

Special Protection for Small anal leakage. An effective carbon filter eliminates odors for 3-5 hours.

A thin and soft incontinence. Color-coded release strip.

Sanicare art nr 3537
Number of products / packaging 25pc
Number of products / transport packaging 250pc
Weight per product 6,7g
Length 22,5cm
Width 6cm
Wings No
Color on the release strip Grey
Clinical trials conducted Yes
Absorption capacity ISO 11948-1 83ml
Sensory test (odor) made by HI Yes
Absorption material Term Independent pulp with superabsorbents
Surface Non-woven polypropylene
Carbon filter Carbon and viscose
Plastic Polyethylene
Latex free Yes

Price: SEK 989,00

Price excluding VAT: SEK 791,20

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